Agri Infrastructure

Contrary as it seems, increased urban migration should turn the focus more towards the agriculture and horticulture sector. Apart from the fact that a vast majority of the country’s population still depends on agriculture for their livelihood, efficiencies in agrarian methods are the only way that the burgeoning non-agricultural population can be fed.

Infrastructure development in agriculture and horticulture is closely linked to irrigation and logistics, and integrated plans are crucial to their development. The Government has upped investments in rural/agricultural reform as well as agri-chain logistics, horticultural farms and improved irrigation. The logistics sector straddles the agri/horticultural sector as well as emergence of ecommerce entities that depend on clockwork-smooth networks that integrate with efficient storage solutions. Innovative storage technology and precision logistics are key to reduced losses of food and other crops too.

We offer consultancy services and provides assistance in carrying out pre-feasibility and feasibility studies in the sector, project development activities, project structuring, bid process management, sector studies and other related activities.

Key Projects

  • Pre-feasibility development of Agri Logistics Hub in Belagavi
  • Development of Dry Storage & Cold Storage Warehouse on PPP
  • Institutional Development for a Value Chain Approach to Agribusiness in Bihar and Maharashtra
  • Food Parks under a PPP Frameworks, Karnataka
  • Modern Agricultural Market Complex at several locations, Karnataka
  • Development of 18 horticulture farms in Karnataka under a PPP framework

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