Increasingly, Governments, backed by development institutions, international foundations, NGOs and philanthropy organizations among others, are looking at more than just implementing projects. An eco system is being developed with the help of policy formulation, effective regulation and capacity building by promoting private sector participation to ensure that essential infrastructure is delivered.

There is a conscious effort to bring marginalized communities and stakeholders in the periphery into the development fold. So that development and progress becomes real and not just stated.

iDeCK applies its professional and consulting skills towards assisting governments and other stakeholders engaged in the development mandate. Extensive experience in handling a variety of infrastructure sectors and its strong research and training capabilities makes iDeCK a preferred partner.

Services offered include:

  • Strategy and Policy advisory
  • Program Management
  • Capacity Building

Strategy and Policy Advisory

iDeCK has a legal team adept in laws pertaining to infrastructure project development, procurement, transparency, PPPs and other related topics. It has helped draft first-of-its-kind bid documents for development of projects under the PPP framework. These bid documents were adopted for procurement by government departments/ agencies much before model documents were introduced by Government of India.

Given this rich experience, services of iDeCK are now being taken by many States to prepare Standard model documents. A recent one being preparation of the State Model Document for development of Highways and District Roads for State of Maharashtra.

As part of Legal Advisory, iDeCK, drafts various legal documents including tender documents for selection of developers, contractors, consultants and project engineers for implementation of infrastructure projects under PPP framework. iDeCK also advises the Government for better management of legal issues during the bidding process and post award. iDeCK provides advice to Government of India and Governments of Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Goa, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand etc. on several legal issues specific to bid-process-management, project implementation, contract monitoring etc. and also assist in resolving legal and policy issues that may arise during the life of the project.


iDeCK also assists various State Governments to prepare their policy and legislations. The Karnataka Tourism Policy 2014-19 and Karnataka Tourism Trade Facilitation and Regulation Act, 2015 are among the latest passed by the legislature of Karnataka. At present iDeCK is working with States like Maharashtra and Karnataka on various legal and policy documents. This includes preparation of legislations like Karnataka Infrastructure Development and Regulation Bill; Karnataka Underground Utility (Acquisition of Right of User in Land) Bill; Bangalore Metro Land Transport Authority Bill and the like. for the State of Karnataka; and Disposal of Property Rules and Housing Board Act for State of Maharashtra.

Key Projects

  • Infrastructure Policy for Karnataka, 2015
  • Policy framework for development of Minor Airports in Karnataka
  • National Policy on Infrastructure Financing in Nigeria
  • National Level PPP Policy framework for mainstreaming PPPs, ADB
  • Policy framework for improvement of road sector in Karnataka, Karnataka State Highway Improvement Programme
  • New Tolling Policy for Kerala
  • Integrated Energy Policy for Karnataka
  • Preparation of Karnataka Tourism Policy
  • Draft Issue of Hakku Patra (Living Rights) to Slum Dwellers & Redevelopment Of Slums On Public And Private Lands
  • Karnataka Infrastructure Development & Regulation Bill, 2011
  • Draft Legislation for Naya Raipur, Chattisgarh
  • Governance Options for Naya Raipur (Naya Raipur), Chattisgarh
  • Draft Anti-Littering Law and Advertisement Byelaw, Bangalore

Program Management

iDeCK assists government departments/ agencies to manage programs involving multiple related projects in a coordinated manner to achieve desired levels of performance and efficiency in implementation of programs. Our team provides end-to-end services from strategy development to implementation to post-implementation monitoring of projects and initiatives.

Key Projects

  • Program implementation for 4500km core road network in Karnataka, KRDCL
  • Development of tourism projects under Karnataka Tourism Vision Group for Tourism Department, Karnataka
  • Setting up of Project Management Unit at Tourism Dept, Ranchi
  • Strategic Program for development of Tourism Infrastructure in Karnataka
  • Progam Management Unit for implementation of Smart City Proposal, Davangere
  • Program management for Tourism Conclave – Invest Karnataka, 2016

Capacity Building

With over a trillion USD of investments envisaged in infrastructure development and about 50% of such investments expected from the private sector, it is important for stakeholders to be familiar with, and possess knowledge of Public Private Partnerships (PPP).

iDeCK has a rich resource of qualified and experienced personnel in the domain of PPPs who have provided assistance and advice in development of infrastructure projects across sectors. iDeCK has rendered several capacity building programmes in the State, across the country and also in other countries like Sri Lanka, Nigeria, and Bangladesh. In addition, iDeCK has also developed guidance materials on PPP concepts and the project development lifecycle; these are being used by several stakeholders while developing projects under appropriate PPP framework.

One of iDeCK’s key areas of expertise is Capacity Building in Infrastructure. Our group and associate companies have also been engaged in extensive training in this space both within India (with the National Capacity building program) and also in surrounding countries. Institutional knowhow is therefore substantial and contains a lot of ground level knowhow – likely to be most relevant and useful to officials of developing countries. There are problems peculiar to developing countries and the training will need to be oriented towards resolving the relevant ground level issues before a project can take off.

For this reason iDeCK is the preferred partner for developing countries who would like to upgrade their Institutional capacity at Department & Ministry level so that more effective models could be designed to attract Investment, Technology and competence to run and build infrastructure projects in their respective countries.

Training can be in three modes:

  1. Video Conferencing – This is very useful for basic training aimed at medium & junior level staff
  2. 2-4 day workshops – Conducted on focused topics either in the host country or in India
  3. Study Tour/Specialised Custom-Made Program – Effective for mid level to senior level officials including niche high value training in a specific sector and site visits to relevant projects

iDeCK is delivers capacity building programmes on:

  1. PPPs
  2. Project development activities
  3. Bid process management
  4. Terms and conditions of agreement(s)
  5. Project management
  6. Sectors like urban, transport, tourism etc.

Each program is meticulously designed keeping in mind training needs, duration and the participants’ profile. A great deal of attention is paid to the pedagogy in order to making the learning process experiential and interesting.

Key Projects

  • Training on PPP for officials of various departments in Bangladesh on behalf of Bangladesh Bank
  • PPP Capacity Building Workshops for various State Government Departments, Karnataka
  • Leveraging PPPs for Development: Sector-based workshop for Practitioners in the Sub-national Entities, Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission, Nigeria
  • Strengthening and Capacity Enhancement of KSIIDC officials
  • Various Workshops on PPP for Administrative Training Institute and State Institute of Urban Development, Karnataka
  • Capacity Building for Identifying PPP opportunities for local governments in Sri Lanka for World Bank
  • National PPP Capacity Building Programme (NPCBP), India PPP Capacity Building Trust
  • Capacity Development of Urban Public and Environmental Health Project, ADB
  • Capacity Building of Senior Govt officials, DFID and DEA
  • Capacity Building of cities as part of the Sanitation Capacity Building Platform, NIUA