International Projects

At iDeCK, we built on the advantages of lineage – IDFC, the Government of Karnataka and HDFC to become an infrastructure
and project advisory that has influenced development in India for the better.

Building on our experience across the length and breadth of India, we have expanded our footprint into neighbouring countries
as well as other emerging economies. We are uniquely positioned to offer the most valuable and relevant advice, as only
an organization with roots in the region, and one that cut its teeth on projects in what is probably world’s largest
emerging economy can.

With the incumbent government looking to the SAARC, ASEAN and African economies, iDeCK is poised to assist governmental as
well as private initiatives in these areas. As a public institution, partners can rest assured that they will get advice
and services that are completely non-partisan and not influenced by profit motive.

iDeCK looks forward to working with more investors and entities interested in setting up core infrastructure projects like
airports, roads and urban infrastructure, as well as social infrastructure projects like professional educational institutions,
super-specialty hospitals, tourist Infrastructure (business hotels, convention centres, resorts) and more. We can help
in identifying suitable opportunities, core infrastructure and investment inputs and assistance in legal & regulatory

Capacity Building

One of iDeCK’s key areas of expertise is Capacity Building in Infrastructure. Our group and associate companies have also
been engaged in extensive training in this space both within India (with the National Capacity building program) and
also in surrounding countries. Institutional knowhow is therefore substantial and contains a lot of ground level knowhow
– likely to be most relevant and useful to officials of developing countries. There are problems peculiar to developing
countries and the training will need to be oriented towards resolving the relevant ground level issues before a project
can take off.

For this reason iDeCK is the preferred partner for developing countries who would like to upgrade their Institutional capacity
at Department & Ministry level so that more effective models could be designed to attract Investment, Technology
and competence to run and build infrastructure projects in their respective countries.

Training can be in three modes:
  1. Video Conferencing – This is very useful for basic training aimed at medium & junior level staff
  2. 2-4 day workshops – Conducted on focused topics either in the host country or in India
  3. Study Tour/Specialised Custom-Made Program – Effective for mid level to senior level officials including niche high value
    training in a specific sector and site visits to relevant projects

Key Projects

  • Business Plan and Transaction Advisory for 3 River Ports, Nigeria
  • Sanitation Action Plan and Technology Demonstration(s) for 30 Pourashavas in Bangladesh
  • City Partnerships for urban sanitation service delivery in Africa and South Asia
  • Feasibility study for Chemical Fertilizer Plant in Nepal
  • Opportunities for Speciality Healthcare in Myanmar
  • PPP Capacity Building– Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nigeria
  • Assistance to Bangladesh Infrastructure Finance Fund Limited in procedures and operations
  • National Policy on Infrastructure Financing in Nigeria
  • Setting up of Tariff Structure for SWM through PPP in Maldives
  • Contract Monitoring frameworks for SWM through PPP in Maldives

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