Social Infrastructure

Development of key sectors in the social infrastructure of the country ensures a homogenous economic upliftment of every section of our society. Over the years, we have been providing advisory assistance in important sectors like health and education, agriculture, irrigation and logistics. iDeCK conducts financial/investment appraisals and provides transaction advisory services for facilitating vast improvements in this Sector.

Health and Education

Around the world, human development indices are replacing economic indices are measurements of advancement. The development of social infrastructure is a critical factor in raising HDI.

Social infrastructure includes development of health- and education-related infrastructure. Projects in social infrastructure can be quite challenging and necessitate a distinct approach as they require physical infrastructure as well as continuous upgrading to stay current. This sector is also one of the most active in terms of private sector participation, entailing the need for innovative hybrid project structures. With years of experience in project advisory experience in infrastructure development; we are competent in providing advisory services in development of projects in social infrastructure sectors.

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