The accelerating demand for energy, in the light of diminishing reserves of traditional sources, has triggered a search for alternative technologies for more efficient generation and consumption of energy. iDeCK’s thorough understanding of the energy landscape provides the platform to support its clients in achieving a sustainable energy future.

iDeCK’s collaborates with clients to help build, implement and protect their larger objective by anticipating the future direction of the sector and guiding them through performance improvement, growth and addressing public and regulatory demands.

The team’s in-depth experience provides insight into regulatory matters, supply and demand dynamics, financing, technologies and project operations. Our wide industry knowledge enables our service offerings from insights to strategy and implementation by adopting custom approach, innovative ideas and solutions in this critical, complex, and ever-evolving environment, while ensuring that risks are managed.

iDeCK has advised clients in designing, evaluation and supporting effective and cost-efficient market strategies to achieve energy efficiency and renewable energy goals. With our assistance, our clients have been able to attract clean energy investments of over Rs.6000 crores. In addition to this, our strategic advice to a distribution utility in Karnataka has resulted in revenue improvement of ~10%.


iDeCK’s services in the solar sector (both rooftop and ground-mounted) range from site surveys, solar measurement studies, technology selection, preparation of Detailed Project Reports, selection of contractor, project financing and monitoring of execution.

iDeCK assisted the Government of Karnataka in rolling out its Solar Policy by structuring projects that could be offered to the private sector, drafting the necessary bid documents, assistance in pre-bid meetings and evaluation of the bids received. An innovative reverse bidding methodology was adopted with complex selection criteria based on lowest tariff quoted. iDeCK carried out 4 successful bidding processes for the state totaling to 760 MW between 2012-2014. Each bidding process ended with achieving the lowest tariff in the country at that point in time and thereby creating substantial savings to the Government exchequer.

iDeCK is also undertaking a large rooftop solar program in the State of Karnataka covering various buildings across the state resulting in substantial achievement of the targets set up in the Solar Policy well ahead of target timelines.

Key Projects

  • Integrated Energy Policy for the State of Karnataka
  • Implementation of Strategic Action Plan for BESCOM
  • Development of 700 MW of Solar Power Projects under different bid processes
  • 10 MW Canal top solar power plant for KBJNL
  • Development of 192 MW of Rooftop Solar Projects for Karnataka State Warehousing Corporation
  • Setting up Rooftop Solar across 530 colleges and universities across 15 districts under Higher Education Department of Government of Karnataka
  • Development of a 24 MW Small Hydro Power Plant in Narayanpur, Raic

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