The increasing affordability of travel coupled with increasing interest in new experiences has propelled tourism to one of the fastest growing sectors across the globe. It has emerged as one of the major players in ‎international commerce, and is a significant source of employment and Gross Domestic Product (GDP), apart from becoming a key driver for socio-‎economic progress.‎ In India, the World Travel & Tourism Council has calculated that tourism generated ₹8.31 lakh crore (US$120 billion) or 6.3% of the nation’s GDP in 2015 and supported 37.315 million jobs, 8.7% of its total employment.

At iDeCK, we assist stakeholders develop tourism as an effective tool for stimulating economic growth, alleviating poverty, conserving biodiversity, preserving culture and traditions, and creating employment opportunities for local communities. iDeCK contributes towards conceptualization, development and promotion of holistic and sustainable tourism infrastructure and products across geographies by ensuring quality services in the sector.

iDeCK provides comprehensive services in the tourism sector ranging from regulatory framework to program management and project implementation. These services are spread across attributes such as:

  • Assessment, Strategy Planning & Regulatory Framework
  • Destination Development & Management
  • Marketing, Promotion, Visitor Experience Development & Service Excellence
  • Industry Engagement & Community Involvement

This involves services such as preparation of Policies, Acts & Rules, Tourism destination Strategies, Action Plans, Concept Notes and Business Plans. iDeCK undertakes the complete tourism product development which includes project conceptualization, market assessment, master planning, project feasibility, detailed project report, source funding opportunities, transaction advisory, training and skill development and program management services.


  • Established a PMU for tourism projects for the Government of Jharkhand
  • Undertaken various eco-tourism and hospitality projects.
  • Undertaking Strategic Program for Development Tourism Infrastructure in Karnataka, which involves deployment of tourism personnel on the district level and Preparation of a web-enabled online system for tourism related data /information, including developing a ‘dashboard’.

Key Projects

  • Karnataka Tourism Policy 2015-20
  • Karnataka Tourism Trade (Facilitation & Regulation) Act, 2014
  • Tourism PMU in Jharkhand
  • Rating of Tourism Products in Karnataka
  • Program Management for Karnataka Tourism Vision Group
  • Strategic Program for Development Tourism Infrastructure in Karnataka
  • Tourism Dashboard, DoT, GoK
  • Program management for Tourism Conclave – Invest Karnataka, 2016
  • Bellary Tourism Master Plan
  • Tourism Precinct Master Plan– Madurai Meenakshi Temple Precinct, Pilikula Nisarga Dhama , Buddha Smriti and Hardinge park in Patna , Birsa Munda Park, Ranchi
  • Tourism Strategy for UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hampi
  • Circuit Development – Coastal Circuit, Cruise Tourism Circuits, Luxury Tourist Train Circuit, Swadesh Darshan Circuits-Ecotourism, Heritage, Jain, Buddhist, Wildlife, Ramayana, Museum Circuits- Bangalore, Mysore
  • Karnataka Tourism Infrastructure Limited (KTIL)
  • Amusement Park/ Theme Parks – Surat, Tirupathi, Bangalore
  • Tourism related Infrastructure at Hidkal Dam, Bhadra Dam
  • Malaprabha Dam and Kabini Dam in Karnataka
  • Development of Tourism properties

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