Web and Mobile App Platform for Tourism

iDeCK has developed “Tourism at Your Fingertips” concept-based robust and scalable platform for tourism consisting of web and mobile applications with multiple components. The first deployment of this product has been launched under the name “PRATHAMA” by the Department of Tourism, Government of Karnataka.

Prathama is a robust platform that offers several features including project monitoring, statistics, and other vital information related to tourism

Data Module

A separate data module has been developed under TaYF, designed to capture various data points (through the mobile app) of tourism destinations and  its facilities to support in decision making process and further analysis.

Project Monitoring with Milestone Management

This module features user access management and a mobile app for GPS based status updates. Project reviews and reporting is another unique feature  of this module.

Homestay module is a key component of PRATHAMA. This facilitates the registration of homestays in Karnataka and ensures issuance of registration certificates. It allows stakeholders such as District Commissioner (DC) or the District Tourism Officer (DTO) to manage and monitor the workflow system.

Reporting and Analytics is available on the MIS for fine grained information, intelligent reporting and analytics.

Mobile Apps have been developed across platforms with the above functions (Android and IOS) to help a larger user base.