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Building nations, or contributing towards building nations is a job profile many people cannot boast of. It requires on the one hand intrinsically serious thinking that enables putting into practice all the theories learnt at school and balancing it out with practical implications that affect the public. On the other hand, it requires a cool head, an open mind – open to ideas, correction and hard work. Both these require an environment that is at once not very restrictive, yet at the same time judicious.

If you are someone who wants an exposure to the idea of building nations and not completing a project, with an eye on global perspectives, iDeCK is the place. If you are someone who believes in hard work that proves your mettle at the end of the day, then we would like you to be on board with us. We promise a sea change to your perspective, approach and very attitude with which you live life.

Welcome to iDeCK. In case you do not see any suitable position for you to apply for, just send us an email with your profile. We will take a look and certainly keep you in mind when an opportunity does come up.

Current Openings:

Serial No. Division/Unit Description Details Due Date For Submission Status
001 Tourism Selection of District Tourism Consultants-Karnataka Application Form for DTC Applicants 05/10/2018 Closed
002 Tourism Selection of District Tourism Consultants-Jharkhand Application Form for DTC Applicants

22/02/2019 Closed