Expertise to help make the Transition

IT & eGovernance is about easing and enriching citizen’s lives by enabling an efficient service delivery ecosystem across facets. As the online universe becomes more pervasive, the governance framework and social services envisage shifting of daily life ecosystems from a physical one – a move that needs professional planning and advise. iDeCK brings tremendous value to this space given its long years of active engagement with Governments, both central and state.

Given our deep engagement with Governments, we bring tremendous value addition on eGovernance projects. Our IT & eGovernance offerings range from providing design consultancy to implementation and project maintenance

Our technology team consists of professionals from the Government and reputed names in global IT, a fine blend of youth and experience. The pool as an excellent understanding of Government practices along with exposure to best practices and processes from the private sector and provides strategic
oversight and consultancy” for eGovernance.

Our focus areas in IT & eGovernance include:

  • Smart City Solutions
  • Application development & implementation (web & mobile)
  • Dashboard & MIS solutions
  • Project monitoring system
  • ERP solutions